“How can we ensure that our community is on the right trajectory?”

Client: City of Bowling Green

Team Members: Charles Buki, Karen Beck Pooley, Andrea Weinberg

Partners: Jeff Winston, MIG

Services: Analysis, Visioning, Facilitation, Steering Committee, Report Creation, Land Use

A city of approximately 30,000 in northwest Ohio, Bowling Green is home to Bowling Green State University, a traditional, walkable downtown, and a variety of housing and retail.  While asset rich, Bowling Green is also a community at risk of becoming another small city in decline, indistinguishable from other communities of chain restaurants and suburban-style housing.
During the process to create Bowling Green’s Future Land Use Plan, czb worked with city officials, residents and stakeholders to understand the challenges facing Bowling Green and the extent of its competition in the region. Over a 12-month period, czb worked with a 14-member steering committee to recognize opportunities and create an actionable plan designed to help the city compete for households and businesses.
 For Bowling Green, czb analyzed land use patterns, housing market data, and transportation plans, and conducted surveys, planning meetings, and exercises. czb's approach was to focus on applying seven planning principles to four focus areas in the city. czb helped grow the steering committee's capacity so that, by the end of the process, the steering committee was able to present the Future Land Use Plan to neighbors, friends, and community members at a 200-person open house in downtown Bowling Green.  

Project Outcomes

Bowling Green's Future Land Use Plan was approved in 2014.

Bowling Green's Future Land Use Plan won an Ohio APA award for Best Plan in its category in 2014.

Bowling Green is pursuing major quality of life improvements, such as a $10 million plan to improve its main transportation corridor, I-64.

Bowling Green’s Future Land Use Plan was adopted by City Council in 2014 and serves as a blueprint for future planning decisions for the community. The plan won an APA award for Best Plan in its small jurisdiction category in 2014.