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czb plan reflects changing times in Millcreek

Millcreek Township government has begun to consider our Embrace Millcreek comprehensive plan in earnest. Some of the same forces that worked against Erie and its residents — tight finances, disinvestment and aging infrastructure among them — are now at work in Millcreek.

czb begins work on Curry County housing study

Curry County officials documented a decline in housing construction and workforce participation along with a population increase and an increase in the percentage of college-educated residents… a perfect recipe for a housing crisis.

czb unveils Somerset County comprehensive plan

We spent 16 months working with six counties in the Southern Alleghenies region of Pennsylvania to create comprehensive plans that were tailored to each county’s unique challenges but part of a cohesive whole. Here’s the plan we unveiled for Somerset County, Pa.

Midland housing study finds 3,000 renters cost burdened

Addressing affordable housing needs isn’t easy and can’t be done in a vacuum. Instead, it’s got to be a coordinated effort that includes neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and planning and zoning. See how czb helped the City of Midland, Michigan, map the path forward.


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