Boulder, CO

Strategic Plan for Boulder Housing Partners

Boulder, CO

Strategic Plan

Between 2013 and 2014, czb partnered with Boulder Housing Partners to identify and address the overall scale and nature of the city’s affordable housing needs. Our analysis, findings, and strategy recommendations were used to develop a Strategic Plan for Boulder Housing Partners that includes an actionable plan to add 200 affordable housing units to the city’s inventory each year over the next 10 years.

  Team Members: Charles Buki, Karen Beck Pooley, Rob Krupicka
  Services: Housing Analysis, Strategy Development, Report Creation, Visioning, Policy Recommendations

“How can our agency improve the way in which we meet affordable housing needs in the Boulder region?”


Median Household Income

Median Home Value


of all households live in poverty


of adults have a bachelor's degree or higher

affordable housing units lost each year

Assessment & analysis.

czb’s comprehensive market analysis included an assessment of wages, property values, ownership patterns, commuting patterns, job growth, and neighborhood-by-neighborhood market trends. Boulder’s ability to provide workforce housing was a central economic concern of the city and therefore an important feature of the analysis — much more so than typical affordable housing assessments.

Looking toward the future.

Boulder Housing Partners began working to increase Boulder’s permanently affordable housing inventory by 2,000 units and updated its long-range vision plan to reflect czb’s recommendations.

“City Council members said Boulder does a good job providing very expensive housing for the wealthy, and it does a decent job at providing subsidized housing for those making less than 30 percent of the median income, though demand far outstrips supply. For people in the middle, though, there is little housing.”

czb’s final report outlined the dual problems of an acute shortage of affordable rental housing and decreasing homeownership among middle class households due to the growing shortage of affordable homeowner housing. We also outlined key steps for Boulder Housing Partners and the city to take over the coming years.


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