Danville, VA

Neighborhood Revitalization & Reinvestment Strategy

Danville, VA

Neighborhood Revitalization & Reinvestment Strategy

czb came to Danville, a historic community in south-central Virginia on the border of Virginia and North Carolina, in Fall 2014 to provide the city with an evaluation of its housing market conditions and a list of recommended strategic interventions for regaining market strength.


Median Household Income


of adults have a bachelor's degree or higher


of all households live in poverty

Assessment & analysis.

czb identified four primary issues that impacted conditions in Danville: excess supply, geographic isolation from other markets, declining incomes, and unappealing housing stock.

Community involvement.

In addition to conducting an analysis that looked at wages, property values, and the conditions of more than 15,000 structures, czb conducted interviews and focus groups with homeowners, realtors, city officials, and potential buyers to better understand market conditions.

Data-driven advice.

czb recommended a series of place-based and supply-oriented efforts intended to stabilize the housing market and reverse trends. Three places — the River District, the Old West End, and Danville Community College — were identified as targets for place-based initiatives.

Looking toward the future.

Danville is making plans to strengthen housing in and around its asset areas and prioritize blight removal in its identified target areas. The city created a Community Development Corporation (CDC) designed to tackle blight, build resident capacity, and incentivize neighborhood reinvestment in its target areas. The city committed to allocating $250,000 in seed money to the CDC’s budget for two years.

“One of the best aspects [of the czb plan] is the direct and easy-to-understand recommendations that people are able to understand and accept.”

Based on czb’s work, Danville was chosen as the case study on blight removal and vacant property disposition for the 2016 class at Harvard Law School.


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